At Volmanac we have a deep value / distressed investment background and have been surprised at the lack of data used in the investment process - data/technical knowledge seems to still be viewed as a cost center rather than a means for improved ROI.

We use traditional investment valuation and research methods to maintain a list of roughly 50-100 assets and/or themes that have important catalysts for which we can use data-analysis to predict before the market.

Below are a few common methods that we use to find and evaluate data. You can see some of these in action in our research section.

Public / Third Party Data

Volmanac mines public data and partners with various third party providers to ingest data.

Custom Manual Data Collection

Volmanac has build out a large network of field agents to assist in custom data projects such as observing physical store inventory, calling businesses with specific questions, counting traffic, and augmenting existing data to assist with machine learning models.

Public Company Data

When focusing on a specific company, oftentimes the most helpful information comes directly from a company’s public website or stores.

Proprietary Data Aggregation Tools

Volmanac uses custom tools to ingest data, such as tracking WHOIS records for bankruptcy filings.

Data Visualization and Classification

Understand how to organize data

Intelligent Trade Selection

Arguably our most valuable specialty, not only do we understand what data is important we believe we can construct positions which express our view in a risk reducing, asymmetric way.