SIRF, Citron Research, and Bronte Capital performed exceptional research and investigative journalism to discover the relationship between Philidor, Valeant, and R&O Pharmacy in October 2015. Discovering these relationships can potentially take years and a tremendous amount of effort.

Today, one of our favorite services, BuiltWith released an extremely helpful tool called “relationship profile” which can make discovering these relationships much easier and potentially trackable. BuiltWith indexes technologies used on almost every website on the internet (over 350MM), which is extremely useful in and of itself (such as monitoring GDDY DNS trends). BuiltWith’s relationship profile allows a user to see relationships between websites through host IP addressed and shared UUIDs such as google-analytics.

This is extremely valuable because you can potentially discover websites associated with a company that are unknown to the market - such as potential new products, subsidiaries, foreign country domains indicating the company plans on entering new markets, etc. .

Andrew Left was able to discover the R&O’s relationship to Philidor by discovering copied language and the Phildor’s phone number on the website. However, this would not have been possible if the website was taken down or never had content in the first place. However, these relationships are easily discovered using BuiltWith. First, you can see other sites hosted on the same server, as well as server history


Checking the IP confirms it is where Philidor was hosted (the initial WHOIS registration to which John Hempton referred to was caught by BuiltWith).


Discovering these relationships is only one piece of the mosaic, but it can make searching for these relationships much easier and less time consuming.