Today the WSJ ran the article Charity Officials Are Increasingly Receiving Million-Dollar Paydays, which states that in 2014, 2700 people running charities received compensation of over $1MM. The data that the WSJ used in this article is a new collaboration between the IRS and AWS, which allows 990 filings to be publicly searchable and downloadable. This data is available here.

In addition, there are even github repos available to help parse this data.

AWS helps supports many public data sets by providing free cloud hosting. Other interesting data sets that are available are Spacenet satellite images and even images of Amazon items in sorting bins.

While some of this data might not be immediately applicable to an exact investment idea or theme, it confirms that every day there are thousands of new and interesting data sets available which are generally being overlooked by the investment community. Some of these data sets will be very helpful in providing an edge to an astute investor and ultimately help a fund outperform.