Apptopia is a competing service to app data provider App Annie but much more affordable - paid plans start at just $79/month. We find Apptopia extremely useful to monitor off-the-run names, such as Rosetta Stone (RST). Rosetta is increasingly reliant on cloud sales as opposed to traditional CD sales, and new app downloads are closely correlated with new subscriptions. See the chart below of daily app downloads:


Other current use cases are monitoring Just Eat (JE, London Stock Exchange) app downloads, as the company faces mounting pressure from rivals such as Deliveroo.

Downloads can also be viewed by country, which is extremely helpful in certain situations. For example, Align Technologies (ALGN), the maker of Invisalign, is due to lose one of its main patents next year. In fact, ALGN is already facing competition in the US from companies such as Clear Correct. However, international revenue is growing very rapidly. One decent proxy for international revenue is new downloads of the “Invisalign Smile” app by country, as shown below:


Apptopia is a tool we usually use for off-the-run cases and smaller situations (we do not use to to monitor downloads of popular apps), however we have found it to be extremely useful if used correctly with the right investment thesis.